Demo 2016

by No Greater Fight

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These are the first songs we wrote as a band. More to come.


released February 18, 2016

Malachi Greene- Vocals
Justin Rhode- Bass
Jay Morris- Guitar
Ben Eissmann- Drums

Max Zigman Recordings



all rights reserved


No Greater Fight Santa Cruz, California

Santa Cruz Hardcore

Malachi Greene

Justin Rhode

Jay Morris

Ben Eissmann
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Track Name: Judgement
Judgements! They plague me.
Why should I care what others think of me?
All you need is on the inside.
Who is anyone to say other wise?
I can't take it anymore
Watching everyone pass these judgements
Im so fucking over it
I know you're self conscious and feel like shit
but you don't need to spread and promote it
A snake in the grass is all you'll ever be
My character flaws don't outweigh my loyalty
Quit passing all these
Judgements judgements judgements
Track Name: Stand Tall
Stand Tall, Be proud
Be Yourself Its allowed
The trends of being a bop
They have to fucking stop
Self respect is dwindling away
Fuck that, Get that PMA
Stand Tall be proud
Don't always have to follow the crowd
Stand Tall be proud
Be yourself its allowed
Track Name: Expectations
So frustrated with these expectations put on me
To be more than whats shown to me
I am myself thats all I can be
This is my life so leave it be
You expect me to be more
you're making my life feel like a chore
you expect me to be more
Im taking my life and walking out the door
This life is yours
take charge this life is yours
Track Name: Positive Energy
Mashing through the streets
Favorite songs on repeat
Dodging trucks and cars
Avoiding drunks at the bars
This positive expression of energy
is keeping me from going crazy
Track Name: Circumstances
Wake up to fists hitting me
world dropping heavy on top of me
off to school in the back of a cop car
they never expected me to make it this far
expected me in a bar on the end seat
beer in my hand on fucking repeat
not me, no fucking way
circumstances don't make me
I make my own way
bruised knuckles and a black eye
never expected me to make it by
its ok and I'm alright
I learned to live my life right